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Together with creators of the world’s First RTA that works with both cotton and mesh,  NoName,  Aspire Prestige re-engineered a new innovative RTA MTL tank that packs a superior performance which you would love!

Superior MTL Tank

The 9th Tank, which can use both AVP Pro coils and its RBA deck, will incorporate Aspire’s precise airflow system design to bring you incredible MTL flavor and airflow experience.

AVP Pro Coils

The 9th tank is equipped with a 0.65Ω AVP Pro Mesh coil preinstalled and an extra 1.15Ω AVP Pro standard coil.

  • AVP Pro coils compatible
  • Incredibly intense flavor
  • Evenly refined operating temperature
  • Consistent firing ramp-up time

More Flexibility? Build It!

Effortlessly build your coil to your satisfaction with the simple RBA accessories deck included with the 9th tank. Simple and easy operation even for new builders.

Precise Airflow

The bottom precise airflow system makes 9th tank have perfect airflow for both AVP Pro coils and RBA. You’ll never find such a tank having so great airflow!

  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Precise airflow adjustment
  • Smooth air path
  • Perfect airflow for different coils

Super Easy
Top Filling

Innovative and straightforward top filling and integrated with a closing system to prevent spills and leakage, it’s super easy to fill 9th Tank, just unscrew the top cap to fill.


52.5 * 22 mm (With AVP Pro Coil)
57 * 22 mm (With RBA)

53.2g (With AVP Pro Coil)
61.3g (With RBA Deck)

Capacity: 2 ml

Material: Pyrex glass with stainless steel

Resistance: 0.65Ω Mesh coil preinstalled, 1.15Ω standard coil

Filling: Top fill

Components View

Metallic Color
for Individuality

The 9th tank comes in Black and Stainless Steel.


AVP Pro Coil

Stainless Steel



Stainless Steel

PSU Tube
Best Resistance, Excellent Durability

PSU (Polysulfone) is known for its high impact resistance and good resistance to both chemicals and high temperatures. It also has superior hydrolytic stability against hot water and steam sterilization.

Accessorize your 9th tank with PSU tube to give it an upgraded look for that lifetime durability and protection.

9th Tank PSU tubes are available for purchase separately, for use in both AVP and RBA version of the 9th Tank.

PSU Tube for use with RBA

PSU Tube for use with AVP Pro Coil

Ready to


1* 9th Tank (2 ml) / 1* AVP Pro Mesh Coil 0.65Ω (preinstalled) / 1* AVP Pro Standard Coil 1.15Ω / 1* RBA Deck / 1* RBA Chamber / 1* RBA Glass Tube / 1* RBA Positive Pin / 2* Spare Grub Screws / 1* User Manual / 1* Allen Wrench / 1 Set of O-rings

We are proud creators of Custom Mods from Italy building everything from mods, rda's and custom parts and accessories. We leave for an unforgettable new journey.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.